Frequently Asked Questions

There are currently 100 BrainRx centrers in 36 countries around the world.  Here are answers to some of the key questions that helped our wonderful licensees in their decision making process to set up a BrainRx center.

1. An Introduction to BrainRx

3. Is BrainRx Right For Me?

5. How Can We Rewire the Brain?

7. Can You Describe a Client's Journey

9. What is a Typical Client Profile and What Results Are Achieved?

11. Who Makes a Great BrainRx Licensee?

2. What Makes BrainRx Different?

4. Where in the World Does BrainRx Operate

6. Can You Increase IQ?

8. Can the Training Be Offered Virtually and in How Many Languages?

10. How Do We Promote Understanding of Neural Plasticity in the Community?

12. What is the Required Investment for  BrainRx License?

13. How Do I Open My Own Center?