Ever wondered how we can increase IQ?

Our programs rewire the brain and deliver life-changing results.

We understand that each learner has a unique cognitive profile.  We customise our training to meet each learner’s needs.

Following the cognitive skills assessment, each learner’s cognitive weaknesses are identified. Based on their age, skill levels and their goals, we recommend the right program to enhance their cognitive skills and help them reach their true potential.

Our most popular program; a comprehensive cognitive training program addressing the 7 core cognitive skills that make up IQ.

Suitable for learners aged 7 and above.  We work with learners who may be struggling academically, looking for enhancement, career adults and seniors.

Our early years/ early intervention program addressing the foundational skills that pre-requisites to effective learning.

Suitable for learners aged 4.5 and above. This program is also suitable for learners with severe learning disabilities and diagnoses.

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MathRx® is an innovative way to improve math performance. It works by strengthening the core brain skills that determine how easily and accurately we understand math concepts, solve problems, and perform calculations. Students have reported better performance in school, as well as better problem solving and reasoning skills in all areas of life. Find out more.

ReadRx is the most successful and powerful reading program in the world. As well as addressing the 7 core cognitive skills, ReadRx helps learners develop word attack, learn the rules of reading, writing and spelling in the English language.

Suitable for learners aged 7 and above, struggling with reading, writing and spelling.